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Our Process

TZ likes to ensure there is a blend of Zulu style and innovation on the traditional design included in every season. We look at current fashion trends to influence new designs and color schemes. This is also a great way to keep our beaders very engaged and inspired creatively.

When we introduce a new color scheme or design, every beader has the opportunity to take home the colors and look at the proposed design and develop their take on the design. They’ll keep reworking the sample until they’re happy with it and then the best variation is chosen to be featured on our website. It is a great incentive for the individual beader because if their design is chosen, they’ll receive all of the orders for that specific piece. It also gives them a huge sense of ownership and pride.

The designs you’ll see on our site will be a mix of best sellers and new innovations. We’ll always have our favorites that we like to keep around, but we’re equally excited about sharing our new designs with you!