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Making a Difference

The majority of the women who work for Thanda Zulu have struggled for most of their lives to earn a sufficient income that will allow them to support themselves & their families. None of these women believed they would ever be able to earn an income through a craft they loved, were skilled at, and could do from the comfort of their own homes.

Over the years, Thanda Zulu has worked to cultivate confidence in these women as artists and not just beaders. As a result, our beaders have a tremendous amount of pride in their work and are continually inspired to  develop and adapt new designs with their own personal touches. We work with each beader's skill set to encourage them to extend beyond their creative boundaries and move our designs forward.

As a result of the success our beaders are seeing, many of them are teaching their children how to bead so that they, too, can continue this unique craft. We're thrilled to help keep this family tradition alive!

Additionally, all proceeds go to support the Thanda, an after-school program, community centre and agriculture project in rural KwaZulu, Natal. Learn more about Thanda here.